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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Phoenix Financial Group, The Tax Resolution Experts

Phoenix Financial Group, The Tax Resolution Experts

Phoenix Financial Group is an A+ Rated Tax Resolution firm that recently moved to 10900 Dover St Westminster, CO 80021. Their web site is still: Phoenix Financial Group. Their phone number is (888) 572-2179. 

Phoenix Financial Group has licensed tax professionals that assist businesses and individuals with their past due taxes. They can help people with almost every type of tax including: 941 Employer's Quarterly Withholding, 1120 Corporate Income Tax, 1040 Personal Income Tax, State Withholding and Sales Tax. 

As someone who owes back taxes your first concern should be to protect your assets and bank accounts. Phoenix's tax pros are experts at exercising your rights to make sure that you are not subjected to the IRS' enforced collection actions like bank levies and wage garnishments. Enforced Collection can be devastating to a business or individual. If you have already been levied or had your wages garnished, PFG can help you get them released.  

Do you qualify for the IRS' Fresh Start Program?  Give us a call and we can give you an assessment of your tax situation and review all of your options. An Offer in Compromise is a program where qualified applicants can save thousands of dollars. Not everyone qualifies though. Our tax experts can guide you to the resolution option that will save you the most money while protecting your assets. 

941 Employer's Quarterly Withholding Tax is a precarious type of tax to owe. The IRS increases their collection efforts on this type of tax. They will assign a Revenue Officer (aka: RO) to collect this type of tax in most situations. The RO will promptly file a lien against the business and send out Intent to Levy notices which are precursors to bank and accounts receivable levies. The RO will also make a determination on who is responsible for the accrual of the back 941 taxes. If it is determined that an individual is both willful and responsible that person can be held personally responsible for the majority of the taxes owed. Phoenix Financial Group can help business owners navigate these potentially business threatening issues. 

Phoenix Financial Group has an extensive reference list of satisfied customers who can attest to the value of our services. Give us a call at: (888) 572-2179 or email at